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4G freeview interference in norfolk and norwich

Published on May 6, 2012 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

Now that most of the UK has switched from analogue to digital. The uhf frequency that was used for analogue has now be sold for mobile broadband. 3G (3rd generation) mobile internet never really took off. It had limited range and was only available in built up areas like Norwich. This is what makes 4G or (fourth generation) so valuable. It uses the top part of the uhf band 791 to 861 mhz which is currently used for digital freeview in norfolk.   TV aerials near 4G LTE mobile masts may be affected by this. Loss of the Hd channels located at 801 mhz will be most effected. This is why there will be a freeview retune in norfolk on may 1st 2013. The hd channels will be move from channel 62 (801mhz) to channel 50 (706mhz). The programs that were on channel 50 will be move to channel 39. channel 39 may be out of band for aerial group CD ch48-68. A aerial upgrade may be require post the 1st may retune in to watch film4, 4music and others.Amplified TV systems are most likely to be affected by 4G interference.   Mobile phones sending data over 4g can also cause problems with freeview. The uplink signal from 4G phones could directly affect set-top boxes and TVs. This interference could filter into TV systems,causing problems with other TVs in the home or building. It is important to remember that sky, freesat and cable TV will all be uninfected by LTE 4G transmission. Remodulated sky that is piped to other rooms may need retuning.

The government have appointed “at800” to oversee problems related to freeview interference. Small scale test have been carried out. The results indicated there may not be the wide scale disruption which was first anticipated.

Aerial manufactures have designed a range of LTE aerials and filters which will remedy most cases of lte interference. For cases which can not rectified. A switch to freesat, sky or cable TV will be required.

. For more information please drop me a email.


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