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A fitting guide and helpful tips for freeveiw aerials

Published on May 9, 2012 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

Before you go out and buy new aerial, you must first check you can receive digital in your area.   Take a look at the aerials on neighbouring properties, this will give you a idea of the the direction the antenna needs to point. It will also give you a idea of aerial size required for good reception. A good tip is to speak to a neighbour and ask if they have any issues receiving freeview.   In my local area Norwich you find aerials pointing in different directions. If this is the case where you live you need to find out which transmitter is best. If the aerials are vertically mounted ( prongs up and down ). This type of aerial will be aligned to a relay transmitter. Relay transmitters do not offer the full range of digital channels. As a example relay TV transmitters in Norfolk offer the freeview light service. A freeview light transmitter has not been fully upgraded to digital, and will have limited coverage. Aerials that are horizontally mounted ( prongs left to right ) will be aligned to a main digital transmitter. As a example tacolneston   transmitter in Norfolk supplies the full range of digital channels to Norfolk and and parts of Suffolk. Once you attained which which transmitter to point your aerial too, it is time to get the equipment and install it. I will start off by saying please do not attempt to fit the aerial to the chimney unless you have all the necessary safety equipment. For a DIY aerial installation i recommend a loft aerial, why safety reason alone. Although the aerial needs to be of good quality, you can use light duty fixings and brackets. This is something i would not recommend for externally mounted aerials. The times i have seen huge high gain aerials laying on there side. Never use   tiny wall brackets and flimsy masts as they will come down in the first gale. I have fitted thousands of aerials and to date never had one blow down. Yet on my travels in and around Norfolk i see many antennas that have come down prematurely. If you are not confident about working at heights you may consider freesat. Freesat   dishes can be mounted on a south facing wall, and do not require a trip to the chimney. The freesat service offers the full range of digital TV services but you may require a set top box.


  1. Mike Beard says:

    Great service – agreed to come out at short notice on a Bank Holiday Sunday to fix a no-picture problem. All sorted very efficiently, new leads made up and all at the standard minimum charge. Highly recommended.

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