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bt sport 1&2 free to all bt broadband customers.

Published on May 12, 2013 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

You may be able to pick up the odd norwich game for free this year. Bt have one rights to show 38 live premier league games. If you are a bt broadband customer bt sport is free. You can watch bt sport through your bt vision box. You will need a digital aerial and a 2 meg broadband connection. Another way to watch bt sport is through a active sky box. You do not need a sky subscription just a old sky box with a active sky card and a satellite dish. Bt sport uses the same platform as sky, so you will not have to align the satellite dish. If you need a dish its quite simple to get one installed. Bt sport can also be accessed through the BT sport app on all devices including ISO, android and windows 8. Bt sport can also be used in public places like pubs in norwich. The average cost is about £140 a month based on a average rateable value. The bt sport package to pubs is not going to give you many games. Bt are offering 38 games plus free broadband. Compare this to 380 live premier league games from our european systems. You don’t need to be a broadband customer to watch bt sport, just get in contact with them.


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