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Is there a difference between a analogue and digital aerial

Published on May 27, 2014 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

I am often asked if there ti any difference between a new digital type aerial, and the old style analogue antennas. Many people think its a sales ploy but they are wrong about that.

The main changes are screening, grouping and design. Lets cover screening  first as its one of the important changes made.

Old contract analogue tv aerials had plastic caps covering the wiring. Digital aerials have f type connectors which screen the wiring. This prevent unwanted interference.

Aerial grouping is nothing new but most analogue aerials are of the wrong group to pick up the correct tv channels. The top part of the UHF band was used to transmit freeview. This has now changed to the mid section of the UHF band. The top part of the band will now be used for mobile phone data. You may have read about 4G or lte freeview interference. This will affect old type aerials more than correctly grouped digital antennas.

The last change is in the design. Digital aerials are designed for purpose. The reflector plate is designed  to stop unwanted interference from the rear of the aerial. It also improves forward gain.

norwich aerial installation

This is a new type LP aerial. Its discrete and has good gain. Its been detuned to screen out 4g interference. This is one of my recent norwich aerial installations. Note the sturdy bracket and short mast. Keeps it all neat and tidy.

Average price for a Norwich aerial installation

Published on February 23, 2014 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

One of the top questions i get asked is how much do a aerial installation cost.If you believe every thing you read on the net its anything between £65.00 and   £175.00 including installation. The lower end of the price range will undoubtedly  be a price from figure. With add-ons like extras for different size aerials, longer masts, extended warranties, vat and so on.  Always ask whats included in your aerial installation. The cheapest aerial quotation can often turn out to be the most expensive. As a guide we use only cai benchmarked equipment. This is not DIY aerial installation kit, its stuff that lasts for decades in all weather. Our current charges are £135.00 standard gain aerial or £145.00 for a high gain. We make nothing extra on fitting a high gain antenna it simply covers the difference in the wholesale cost. There are no hidden costs either. Every one gets a 5 year warranty and no one pay vat. Also be careful when getting a multiroom installation done. You may get quoted a low cost for the aerial but extra tv pionts can cost as much as £85.00 per outlet. We charge £45.00 per extra tv socket. Our pricing policy is mirrored across all our products including freesat, sky and european satellite. Another great feature to our service is we don’t charge a penny if we can not fix the problem. This applies to repairs and full installations. Call tony on 01603 858664 for your free quote

Clearview Aerials - Norwich aerial installation

Extra tv channels coming soon for norwich freeview & freesat customers

Published on October 11, 2013 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

The BBC are going to launch a BBC 1 +1 service on their freeview and freesat platforms. This will give customers greater flexibility at peak times. The plus one service runs on a one hour delay. The catch up channel is unlikely to show local channel variations, for the norwich & norfolk area. The new service will not be screened in HD. For more info contact tony clearview aerials.

bt sport 1&2 free to all bt broadband customers.

Published on May 12, 2013 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

You may be able to pick up the odd norwich game for free this year. Bt have one rights to show 38 live premier league games. If you are a bt broadband customer bt sport is free. You can watch bt sport through your bt vision box. You will need a digital aerial and a 2 meg broadband connection. Another way to watch bt sport is through a active sky box. You do not need a sky subscription just a old sky box with a active sky card and a satellite dish. Bt sport uses the same platform as sky, so you will not have to align the satellite dish. If you need a dish its quite simple to get one installed. Bt sport can also be accessed through the BT sport app on all devices including ISO, android and windows 8. Bt sport can also be used in public places like pubs in norwich. The average cost is about £140 a month based on a average rateable value. The bt sport package to pubs is not going to give you many games. Bt are offering 38 games plus free broadband. Compare this to 380 live premier league games from our european systems. You don’t need to be a broadband customer to watch bt sport, just get in contact with them.


Published on March 23, 2013 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

BBC 2 HD will be available on all platforms from 6am march the 2nd 2013.   This new channel will bring HD content and unscaled programming when HD is not available.   BBC 2 HD   will replace BBC HD channel. BBC HD was the first HD channel on the freeview line up. Since its launch it has become redundant, and is now limited to previews. The new bbc2 hd channel can be found on channel 102 on freeview. sky channel 169 and freesat channel 109. A TV with a HD tuner will be require for this channel.

Norwich and Norfolk aerial and satellite installations

Norfolk & Norwich freeview retune 1st may 2013

Published on March 9, 2013 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

Due to to the sell off of the top end of the uhf band for mobile broadband. The HD freeview channels currently occupying ch62 (801mhz) will be moved to channel 50 (706mhz). For the Norwich and Norfolk area this will require a retune on the 1st may 2013. Film4, yesterday and 4music plus others which were on channel 50 will be moved down to channel 39. This could mean a aerial upgrade for uses still using aerial group CD 48-68 mhz ( green end cap).   It is recommended that a first time installation is performed, and not add channels scan. If you have problems try a retune with aerial unplugged and then re-scan with aerial plugged in.

freeview retune may be required in norwich & norfolk

Published on October 17, 2012 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News


Appeals over allocation of revised logical channel numbers (LCNs) on Freeview – Thursday, 4 October 2012

Appeals decision:

Following the publication on July 30, 2012 of proposals to update the Freeview programme guide, appeals were lodged by two organisations — Sky and an adult channel provider*.

Both appeals have been considered in accordance with DMOL policy. Having independently reviewed the evidence put forward, the chair of DMOL does not consider that either party has presented a sufficiently compelling case that the moves should not go ahead. The original decisions will therefore stand.

Previously announced changes to the HD and Adult LCN positions will go ahead on October 17, 2012. HD channels will start at 101 (currently 50); the Adult section will start at 171 (currently 91).

The News genre and Children’s genre moves will occur when the General Entertainment genre nears full capacity (see notes).

*The channel provider requested that its name remain confidential.


The Children’s and News genres will move to start at LCNs 121 and 131 respectively on the Wednesday that follows 16 weeks after LCN 65 is allocated (ie when the General Entertainment genre nears full capacity). In the event that the move date falls during a change freeze then the move would take effect on the Wednesday that follows the end of the change freeze.


freesat frequency change for bbc hd and bbc hd channel october 2012

Published on October 11, 2012 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

How do i find bbc hd and bbc one hd channels as they are missing from epg.

answer is they have recently done a frequency change on astra 28.2. The freesat frequency change was only subtle, so you may find that a automatic search may not find them.

you may need to do a manual search for BBC HD & BBC HD 1 channels. How to do a manual channel scan will vary from box to box, but here are the basics.

First you will need the new BBC HD & BBC HD ONE frequency. To save you looking here it is

frequency 10847

polarisation V =vertical

symbol rate 23000

modulation 8psk

FEC 2/3

Now with with you satellite dish pointed to the sky satellite.

Go to menu

Then settings

Then service searching or equivalent

select manual search

Enter values into fields

Then hit scan.

All done



cheap aerial installation for digital freeview

Published on October 8, 2012 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

Getting your TV aerial replaced or upgraded is not an every day occurrence. Providing every thing is renewed a decent aerial rig will last in excess of 15 years. I regularly replace  antennas over 20 years old. With this in mind you are unlikely to have a TV engineer to hand. Searching the Internet for TV aerial installers will throw up hundreds of results. You will be hard pressed to find an aerial installation company, with clear pricing being displayed.   Most companies tend to go with the free quotation option. In most cases this is a good way to get an idea of aerial install prices. Unfortunately there are many national companies hiding behind local telephone numbers. They use high-pressure sale techniques.   If you find prices listed they will be start from prices. Usually they will not include vat, all extras like cabling, brackets and TV set-up will be chargeable. When we quote we will quote worst-case scenario. This means your quote includes new aerial, bracket & mast, cabling to TV and tune-in. Compare this to a national company “ DIGITAL FREEVIEW AERIAL from £65.00”. With this you get a low gain aerial fitted to your original mast and cable. In reality you never get just the aerial.   This is where you would be advised to replace this and that and before you know it you will have a bill for over £200.00.

When searching for aerial services never pick a company advertising in the sponsored links. These are the listing shaded in pink, and are used solely national companies.

Your checklist should read.





New freeview epg line up

Published on September 20, 2012 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

Getting to know a whole new EPG is always a fun way to waste a weekend (although I can’t remember the old Sky EPG and that change was only a few weeks ago). So we can’t wait to have a look at the new EPG for Freeview.

The Digital Terrestrial TV Multiplex Operators Limited (wow, or DMOL for short) has made an announcement recently about future channel positions for local TV channels. This was coming into play from the 19th September. Now we learn where some extra new channels are going to be placed, again from the 19th September.

Channel 8 — Local TV (England and Northern Ireland)

Channel 45 — Local TV (Scotland and Wales)

Channel 1 — 99  – General Entertainment Channels

Channel 101 — 120 — HD channels

Channel 121 — 130 — Children’s TV

Channel 131 — 150 — News

Channel 170 & 199 — Bookend ‘slate’ channels to buffer the 18+ adult section

Channel 171 — 198 — 18+ Adult section

Channel 200 — 224 — Text services

Channel 225 — 299 — MHEG services

Channel 300 — 320 — Interactive services

Channel 400 — 499 — IP delivered services

Channel 700 — 750 — Radio

The different local news channels are peculiar but DMOL said that as Ofcom’s EPG code allowed “a measure of discrimination in favour of PSB channels,” and that “local services are by definition only available in a part of the country,”  it saw “no particular value in ensuring that all local services have the same LCN [Local Channel Number].”

If you have a Freeview box, it should update automatically but many people normally find in these situations that they have to manually tune it in to pick up all the channels and changes to the Freeview EPG.  The Digital UK Advice Line is coming back into action and will be on hand to answer any queries and help with any problems people are having.

There are also a lot of advertisements around to advise of the changes including on the Freeview website and TV listing magazines.