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Is this the end of satellite dish regulations in the uk

An interesting post from Geronimo’s forum about Sat dishes in the UK: UK must allow satellite dishes There are many thousands of UK residents who – at least so far – have been forbidden to have satellite dishes because of restrictive covenants on their homes or apartments. People living in so called ‘conservation areas’ and […]

freeview light from norwich central tv transmitter

The digital switch over will for the first time bring digital freeview to the parts of Norwich not covered by the main  tacolneston  transmitter. This means that all TV aerials pointing to the mousehold heath antenna will from November receive a limited digital TV service. I say limited as there will be only three public […]

Norwich aerial installer view on terrace house chimneys

hi im tony and  i am  a Norwich aerial installer. I fit aerials to all  types of properties in Norwich , but today i would like to talk about terrace  house aerial installations in Norwich. My concerns are that some one may get hurt one day by poorly fitted aerial equipment. I  have recently been […]

Norfolk thunder storm causes havic with tv,s

the recent thunder storm created a surge in work, with customers reporting various problems. TV system are very sensitive and can be knocked out by nearby storms. we had to replace several tv distribution amplifiers, and some skDyHboxes were also affected. it may seem a little old fashioned to turn the power off and unplug […]