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Is there a difference between a analogue and digital aerial

Published on May 27, 2014 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

I am often asked if there ti any difference between a new digital type aerial, and the old style analogue antennas. Many people think its a sales ploy but they are wrong about that.

The main changes are screening, grouping and design. Lets cover screening  first as its one of the important changes made.

Old contract analogue tv aerials had plastic caps covering the wiring. Digital aerials have f type connectors which screen the wiring. This prevent unwanted interference.

Aerial grouping is nothing new but most analogue aerials are of the wrong group to pick up the correct tv channels. The top part of the UHF band was used to transmit freeview. This has now changed to the mid section of the UHF band. The top part of the band will now be used for mobile phone data. You may have read about 4G or lte freeview interference. This will affect old type aerials more than correctly grouped digital antennas.

The last change is in the design. Digital aerials are designed for purpose. The reflector plate is designed  to stop unwanted interference from the rear of the aerial. It also improves forward gain.

norwich aerial installation

This is a new type LP aerial. Its discrete and has good gain. Its been detuned to screen out 4g interference. This is one of my recent norwich aerial installations. Note the sturdy bracket and short mast. Keeps it all neat and tidy.


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