freeview light from norwich central tv transmitter

The digital switch over will for the first time bring digital freeview to the parts of Norwich not covered by the main  tacolneston  transmitter. This means that all TV aerials pointing to the mousehold heath antenna will from November receive a limited digital TV service. I say limited as there will be only three public broadcast digital muxes. This is because the commercial muxes have deemed it not viable to upgrade the relay antennas with three extra transmitters. 6 to 8% of the UK receive digital from relay masts. the slimline service will be called freeview light. if you only watch the main channels you will be unlikely to notice the lack of choice. to check if your aerial is tuned for the mousehold antena The aerial prongs will be pointing vertical  up and down and the direction will be towards the prison.a full list of channels can be found here

just a point which i thought about later, a customer asked about bt vision from a area covered from a digital relay station. i think you will be fine with bt vision as long as you don’t want the premium channels , like sky sports 1 and 2 or top up tv.