Norwich aerial installer view on terrace house chimneys

hi im tony and  i am  a Norwich aerial installer. I fit aerials to all  types of properties in Norwich , but today i would like to talk about terrace  house aerial installations in Norwich. My concerns are that some one may get hurt one day by poorly fitted aerial equipment. I  have recently been to a couple of jobs where a newly installed aerial has fell of the chimney. the first aerial was fitted with a 6 inch wall bracket which was fitted with plugs and screws. for starters you should never use this type of fixing on a Norfolk red chimney stack. these bricks are so soft that you would never get a secure fixing.  yes there is a lot more work to do it with a lashing kit, but at least it would be safe. the other problem is installers seem to be using small brackets. these will not spread the weight over the chimney stack. and combined with a overloaded mast they are certain to fail.  so if you are having a aerial installed i would insist on at least a 8 inch cradle bracket.  If your installer is fitting a mast longer than 6 foot i would recommend a 13 in bracket or a double lashing kit.