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poor picture quality on tv running off sky box

Published on August 19, 2011 by Tony Franklin in Clearview Aerials News

Norfolk sky tv user have been reporting bad reception on tvs connected via the coaxial cable from rf 1 and rf 2. The problems reported are fuzzy picture, but the remote sky eye or sky mouse still works. If you have still got the red light on the sky eye but poor picture quality. It is proberly due too a recent frequency changes from a nearby tv transmitter. to rectify this all you need to do is set the rf out put on the sky box too a different frequency. Then retune the tvs which are fed from the rf 1 and rf 2 outputs on the rear of the sky box. To change the rf output on the sky box you need to access the secret sky installers menu.

1 Press services

2 For old sky boxes select system setup  for hd boxes highlight spanner and press select.

3 Press 401 the ok

4 you should now be on installers menu, now go too rf outputs. your  defult output setting will be 68. Change this value to to something between 21 and 69 and then (hd boxes) press green button. for (old sky boxes)    highlight save and press ok.

5 Now  re-tune   your tv, and dont forget its only the tvs connected via the rf1 and rf 2 outputs. tvs that are connected by scart or hdmi will be uninfected by this.